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At deVille Estate Agency, we recognise that one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime is the decision to go into business for yourself. We offer exceptional business-building opportunities that we believe no other franchise can match – whether you’re an independent looking to affiliate, an agent considering a start-up, or a company exploring conversion from a competing franchise organisation, deVille Estate Agency is your partner for success.

We have stood the test of time, and have gone from strength to strength with a sound reputation for honesty, integrity & ethics in the real estate industry. deVille Estate Agency has a far-reaching, dynamic network that backs you all the way.

We are always on the lookout for fresh, innovative people with a fire in their belly and a passion to succeed. People frustrated with their current position and lifestyle; people bursting with vision, ideas and ideals; people who believe in themselves enough to catapult themselves forward in a lucrative new venture and rise to the top. And we know we have the systems, support and training to make it happen!

We want to see you succeed

Working as an integral part of the deVille Estate Agency, your new franchise really can take you anywhere. We’re looking to increase our number of franchises by partnering people with a passion to succeed.

Steps to success

Marketing: deVille boasts bright and eye catching marketing across all facets of our business. We are continuously evolving our marketing to increase our brands impression in the marketplace, all the while keeping our brand recognisable and maintaining a consistent corporate image across all our offices. From paper adverts, letter box drops and signboards to brochures, booklets and stationery, there is no other brand that creates such an impression in the marketplace.

Business Planning & Support: The deVille brand has continued to thrive and our team of experienced business professionals will help you build forecasts and KPI’s, track results and assist to plan strategies to achieve your goals. We will be by your side to help support you in building your business.

Prospecting: We have all the essential plans and formats for annual, monthly and weekly prospecting programs. These set out goals tailored to your salespersons strengths and in addition provide you with monitoring systems in order to measure success.

Selling: Our business is built on truly personalised service, high standards and impeccable work ethics. Our selling system turns traditional real estate methods upside down and we have strong desires to improve the way in which the real estate industry operates.

Recruitment & Retention: deVille understands that it’s extremely difficult to find the right people for your business. Our business seeks out people with the right attitude and trains them to be some of the best in the business. We constantly put our sales and management staff through training in order keep up with current industry standards.

How our Franchisees are performing…

 Garry Kelly (Principal – Concord)
Garry has gone from strength to strength in the industry and after working at various other international brands he decided that a fresh up and coming brand would be more suited him and appeal better to his customers. Quickly he realised that he had made the right decision as he now has the power of an energetic brand that stands out from the pack, even within the prestigious and competitive market of Sydney’s Inner West. Working alongside the team at deVille, Garry has been able to input a lot of his own ideas into the everyday operations of the franchise. The office is already attracting many new clients and deVille Concord is well on its way to success.

Deville Estate Agency is coming to your area and we are looking for an existing agency or professional to partner with. The following will give you a brief insight regarding our brand.

For a confidential chat about joining forces with a fresh and exciting real estate company please feel free to contact Sam Khalil at

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