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Real Estate in the Hills District

deVille is a company founded for one simple mission, that is to deliver results and local real-estate services that exceed the expectations of our clients. We want to take away the stress and disappointment people have experienced with questionable tactics of some agents. We want to make sure that our client’s next move will be a positive one thus we have developed best practice systems that help us provide the perfect solution and system for our clients’ most desired and most needed properties.

We are not merely a facilitator presenting something to our clients, but a catalyst to assist them in their needs. We, at deVille, make sure we can provide what our clients expect instead of what our agents can only provide.

deVille Castle Hill is an agency that offers more:

  • Residential sales
  • Residential purchases
  • Rental management
  • Property management
  • Finance options

We offer different services to cater to our clients’ specific needs, such as houses for sale in Castle Hill.  We make sure we have something to provide them if they have specific locations where they want to own/rent a property.

Real Estate is defined in a modern term as land and anything that is permanently affixed to it, which includes buildings, fences, and things that are attached to buildings, such as plumbing, heating, and light fixtures. The property that is not affixed is considered as “personal property”, like furniture and draperies.  Basically, any type of infrastructure and land can be considered as real estate.

It mostly involves the purchasing and selling of houses and/or buildings, and due to its popularity, many people started practicing it as a profession and they are then called as real estate agents. The work of real estate agents, like our real estate agents in Castle Hill, is not limited to purchasing and selling of properties; it can be a little more complicated than that.

We can also assist our clients by providing advice on different issues regarding buying, selling and renting a property.

  • Market Appraisals –  We help our clients get the exact market appraisal for the property they want to sell to be able to get the estimated price and get an idea on what will be the best selling price for their property in that area.
  • Matching buyers to your property – We make sure that the properties our clients want to buy match, not just with their budget, but most importantly with their needs and specifications. We want them to arrive at the correct decision before making a purchase to make sure it is worth every penny they spend.
  • Sales and Purchase – We can help clients get the property that they really want at a price they can truly afford. We can also assist in the selling of a property faster and at clients’ preferred selling price based on the selling price of a property that is likely to sell on that suburb.
  • Rental Appraisals – We can help rental property owners know the current worth of their rental properties in Castle Hill or in any other suburbs in Sydney and come up with the right rate.
  • Matching tenants to your property – We assist our clients to get the right tenants for their rental properties. We help in the screening of tenants by providing an online form for them to fill in. We also include the procedures as a guide.
  • Property Management – We can also manage our clients’ property and make sure everything’s running smoothly. We will operate and oversee their properties and provide accurate and detailed reports.
  • Finance – We help find the right mortgage broker for our clients and assist in the paper works.

deVille estate agency is an independent office, and we offer a trouble free transactions and a professional approach in marketing different property sales in Castle Hill or other suburbs  to get the best price in the market for our customers.

Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

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